The purpose of this post is to explain in detail what Instrumental English is, what it is for, how and where to learn it. We will also provide high quality content and depth on the subject such as:

– free instrumental English video lesson,

– translation tips for texts and dictionaries, and

– sources of material for detailed study of instrumental English

What is Instrumental English?

Instrumental English is a methodology for learning a specific skill in an isolated way based on (E.S.P.) English for Specific Purpose, which in English means: English with Specific Objectives. In Brazil the reading ability is the most used by Instrumental English for fast and effective translation and interpretation of texts in English.

Every language like Portuguese, English, Italian, German has 4 skills. Traditional language courses teach the 4 skills at the same time, being a little of each in every class and so usually has a long duration.

By the 1970s, a methodology called E.S.P (English for Specific Purpose) was developed in Brazil that aims to work these 4 skills separately for a specific purpose.

Who else used this technique in different countries was the postgraduate academic public as students and professors of masters and doctorates. The goal was to meet a specific need that is the era of reading books and articles in English and this community baptized the E.S.P. of English Instrumental.

What is Instrumental English?

The instrumental English methodology is ideal for those who need:

– Read and translate books, texts and articles in English from your work area. Professionals from all areas need this skill, but the health professionals such as doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, dentists, nutritionists and also IT specialists stand out.

– Take a public quiz that covers the English language. Each year that passes more public competitions has included proof of English between the subjects and this seems to be a trend mainly of those who offer greater remuneration and benefits.

– Take an entrance exam and ENEM that charge the interpretation of texts in English. In extremely busy courses such as medicine, ITA, IME losing a single question in the English test can make all the difference in the final result.

– Pass an English proficiency test of a master’s or doctoral selective process.

About this item I would like to speak a little more, since instrumental English becomes a strategic tool since the selective processes have the proficiency in reading the English language as an eliminatory, in other cases it serves as a criterion of tie-breaker and also as a definition of which student will be entitled to a scholarship. Here are some examples of previous Master’s tests for you to check.

How and where to learn this Instrumental English methodology?

In observing this need of many people who only need to learn reading ability in a course of time for specific purposes, English schools have developed instrumental English courses.

Analyzing the market we observe that there is an important difference:

– Some major traditional English courses simply made superficial adaptations in their methods and created a new service in their portfolio without the depth and quality that the methodology demands.

– On the other hand, some language schools have specialized in attending this niche and have been deep in developing effective didactic techniques and methods in the teaching of English language reading as well as the adequate preparation for the proficiency tests.

Thus, we recommend that when analyzing courses and teachers, they inform themselves about the professionals’ experience in the methodology. In this way, you will be able to have the maximum return of your investment of time and financial resources.

Programmatic Content of an Instrumental English Course

Many students who are learning make a serious mistake thinking that they only need to acquire vocabulary from their area.

A good instrumental English course should teach fundamental points of language structure. And how to apply them in the reading and interpretation of a text such as: Nominal Groups, Verbal Times, Phrasal Verbs, Prefixes and suffixes, Degree of Adjectives, Subject + Verb + Complement, Scanning and Skimming Techniques, Cognates and False Cognates and Proficiency Testing Resolution.

Learn English Instrumental Online

With the increase of technology and distance learning (EAD), excellent Online Instrumental English Courses have emerged. These specialized in the preparation for proficiency tests of masters, doctorates, public examinations, vestibular and ENEM.

The Benefits of Learning English Instrumental Online:

In addition to studying at home, an online instrumental English teaching platform features other benefits such as:

– Take a very specific course aligned with your goal that is not offered in your city;

– Lessons released immediately and 100% online;

– Taking the course at its own pace, because the student chooses the days and times of the classes;

– Saving time, in addition to avoiding traffic stress and other disorders;

High level courses emit the English proficiency certificate that is required by several masters and doctorates in their selection processes, avoiding in some cases to the student’s need to take the exam. This depends on the rule in the edict of each institution.